Standard artistic composition – projects

The photographs represent samples of flooring created by Sa.ge.van. Marmi with standard patterns. Those creations are all used in the our office building which we utilize also as a showroom to show the visiting customers some examples of the possible applications.
Calacatta floors in the standard Sa.Ge.Van. Marmi size, with inlay work using Onice Bianco -White Onyx-, Rosso di Francia -French Red-, Azul Macaubas, Portoro, Giallo Siena (Meetings Room – Sa.Ge.Van. Marmi office building).
Floor in Calacatta in largesized book matched units (Sa.Ge.Van. Office Building)
Floor in Veined Statuary, in a standard size with small square inserts of Belgian Black (Private Office, Sa.Ge.Van. Marmi Office Building)