About us

The history of SA.GE.VAN. MARMI is deeply related to that of Gemignani & Vanelli Marmi, a company that has operated in the quarrying sector for over 60 years, producing from the Calocara 102-A quarry, in the Miseglia basin in Carrara, various typologies of white and coloured marbles shaped into blocks, semi-blocks or with no shape. The only one among the quarrying companies of Carrara that obtained the ISO 14001 certification in 2002, Gemignani & Vanelli Marmi is part of the restricted group of companies which operate in the Calocara-Bettogli quarries, in which, among the various qualities, the Statuario Venato marble, one of the most precious white marbles of Carrara, is extracted. Gemignani & Vanelli Marmi has agreed to be the supplier of SA.GE.VAN. MARMI to keep in the territory the processing to create slabs for a wide part of the marbles from its quarries. Through this agreement, the two companies have decided to tie to their own city the additional value that comes from processing blocks into slabs, thus restoring the historical and local line of production. SA.GE.VAN. MARMI was born in 2005: the company has two diamond wire gang saws with 80 thin blades made of stainless steel. They guarantee a low amount of wastage and do not stain the slabs during the cutting process. There are also one blade gang saw with 40 blades, two single blade frame saws to square the blocks and one cutting-edge stone polishing machine with a UV system necessary to minimise the visibility of the little cavities of the marble the quarrymen call “taroli”. The blocks, which are divided according to typologies and qualities, are exhibited across the 15.500 m² yard, whereas the slabs, raw or finished ones, can be seen inside the factory, across an area of over 4.000 m². The organisation of the company permits to work slabs, blocks, semi-blocks and not shaped ones to obtain floors and covering for both indoor and outdoor, urban and cemetery elements and furnishing ones.