Assistance and services

The shipment of slabs, tiles, blocks, semi-blocks or not shaped ones to Italy and abroad is usually done on ship or on lorry through specific wood packaging which is treated appropriately.
Our products are shipped by sea after being loaded on containers. The slabs need a specific packaging, known as “legaccio”; it is a kind of wood cage in which the slabs are steadily secured, leaning on each other but divided by a nylon sheet to protect the finished side (polished or smoothed).
Our slabs which has been packed in this way are loaded on containers by using a crane, to be secured further inside the container and against its walls through an operation known as “puntellatura” (shoring up), which guarantees slabs cannot move during transportation.
Also tiles, packed into wood crates, are shored up before shipment, whereas, for blocks, small pieces of wood are used as wedges where the blocks are irregular. The wood is always fumigated and treated according to the current legislation, to guarantee no microorganism develops inside the crates during the journey weeks.

The supplies of SA.GE.VAN. MARMI can be traced. By using the company software, the original slabs or blocks can be found and a high-resolution photographic system permits the visual traceability of the supply. So any slab in stock or the aesthetic characteristics of the block, for groups of 6-10 slabs, can be seen on screen or via the internet. This operation can be done on real time, even from outside the office.
SA.GE.VAN. MARMI gives you the necessary assistance for “on shelf” supply and it is available to create, with samples of thin marble, standard two-dimensional models of artistic patterns on small scale.
Paonazzo. Slab as shown on screen in very high resolution -data transferrable by elelctronic means-.
Paonazzo. Slab as shown on screen in very high resolution -data transferrable by elelctronic means-.
Packaging of slabs using the wooden bundle method.
Packaging of floor and wall tiles.
Shipping in trucks (overland)
Shipping in containers (by sea)