Marbles and standard artistic compositions

Veined marbles allows you to obtain particular artistic effects, the more precious the ornamental value of the marble you want to use is, the more creative the effects are.
These are patterns that are usually used for flooring and covering or whenever there is the aim to introduce or exalt the decorative aspect of veined marbles, such as the Statuario Venato, Calacatta, Paonazzo, Paonazzetto and all the other ones of SA.GE.VAN. MARMI (see the catalogue).

For floors and covering, veined marbles can be cut in different ways to present various aesthetic effects:

– macchia aperta (book matched cut): it requires a selection of slabs from the same block in order to polish the slabs which will present the classic “mirror” effect once they are opened up and cut. This kind of solution requires a specific pre-work for what concerns placing and labelling of slabs, in order for the veins to “match”.

– al verso (according to direction cut): it requires a selection of slabs in order to have veins that can be oriented towards the same direction. In this case too, it is necessary a pre-placing and pre-labelling work on slabs.

– a vena casuale (random vein cut): it is done with a random placing of the slabs, without taking into consideration any vein parameter.

For these patterns, slabs whose dimensions depend on the current size of the chosen block are used. In any case, supply of pieces larger than 3.30X2.00 metres is not possible. Also standard tiles can be used. Upon request, tiles of larger dimensions or panels can be supplied, with thickness no lower than 2 cm. Shelf supply is possible, like slabs and tiles’ traceability.
Veining in opposite directions.
Compound book-matched veining.
Book-matched veining.
Veining in the same direction.