The marbles and the factory

SA.GE.VAN. MARMI is specialised in the production of slabs from the typical white and coloured marbles quarried at the Calocara A-102 quarry in Carrara: marble with high ornamental values, such as the Statuario Venato one (h), the Calacatta (e), the Paonazzo one (d) and the Paonazzetto one (a), together with marbles with excellent technical-aesthetic quality like the Statuarietto (c), the Venatino (b), the Bardiglio (g) and the White Marbles of Carrara (f). Blocks and slabs of these marbles, alike the ones of the other sold qualities (see the catalogue), can always be seen in the large warehouse areas of the factory.
The sales and technological organisation of SA.GE.VAN. MARMI assures supply continuity and homogeneity for what concerns slabs and the other finished products, such as floors and coverings, and also for high daily standards of production.
Quarrying, transport, processing, sales and designing are the sections of the production line through which the companies Gemignani e Vanelli Marmi e Sa.ge.van. Marmi have operated in the local territory for many years.
The marble production line starts from the quarry. Here, men with ancient professional skills produce the raw material, the marble, thanks to the help of high-tech working and control tools.
The shape of the marble will be the one permitted by the natural rifts of the rock, which the quarrymen call “difetti” (defects). The names “informe” (with no shape), “seminforme” (semi-shaped), “defected” block and “sound” block come from that.
The lorries bring the marble from the quarries to the processing section of the production line. Here, the classic and new machines turn the marbles, when the defects permit that, into other shapes: the slabs, which are the specialty of our production line. Men and women take care of production and international diffusion of the white and coloured finished marbles.