Standard treatments

The natural features of the Paonazzo, Paonazzetto, Bardiglio, White Onyx and Portoro blocks and slabs require specific surface treatments, before working them. The blocks are usually reinforced on four faces with wood boards and epoxy resin, in order to avoid the breaking during the cutting process (veneer). For the same reason, slabs are reinforced on one side with a fiberglass net and epoxy resin and by applying resin to consolidate the natural structure of the slab on the polishing side (reinforcement and resin polishing). When the structure is more resistant, it suffices to apply on the smoothed side or polish the epoxy resin (resin polishing). The natural imperfections (“taroli”) of white marbles (or any other ornamental stone) are drastically reduced by plastering the slabs, during the production cycle of SA.GE.VAN. MARMI (“UV” treatment).

The UV treatment is necessary to minimise the small imperfections of slabs’ surface, that is to say the already mentioned “taroli”, and it aims to make the surface perfectly smooth when you touch it. Compared to the classic resin polishing, this polyester resin is not used to correct the inside of the defects, but it is a surface treatment and the advantage is that the slab is ready after only 30/40 minutes. Our machine can do all the work in line: slab loading, pre-smoothing, drying. Then, the slab is covered with resin, mechanically at first and later the final touch is by our specialised workers. To conclude, the slab goes below the UV lamps which reaches the 5000 watts, fixing the resin. After that, the slab is ready to undergo polishing processes.